Just a Game?

The day upon which most of Alabama waits for 365 days a year has arrived. That’s right, in case you were so fixated on Black Friday that you missed the news, it’s time for the Iron Bowl, that much-anticipated gridiron contest between Alabama and Auburn.

From trash talk to expert predictions, the newspapers and airwaves and Internet message boards have been filled this week with pre-game reports, hyping the biggest annual event in our state.
Want to know my prediction for the game? Okay, here it is. There will be frenzy and excitement. There will be hype, and more hype. There will be a tremendous traffic jam. There will be lots of noise. And, as someone once described it, there will be 22 college students who need rest chasing each other around in front of 90,000 people who need exercise.
And then, when it is all over, players from both teams will gather together on the field for a little perspective-shaping.
There on the turf of Jordan-Hare Stadium, opposing gladiators, football enemies for 60 minutes, winners and losers alike, will lay down their arms, kneel together, clasp hands, and pray.
Perspective is everything.
I expect that like most of you I’ll be in front of a television later today, watching the game. But I pray that each of us will have the same Godly perspective off the field that those players will have on the field when they join together and give thanks to their Heavenly Father.
For whatever the game’s outcome, He is still God, and He has made us eternal winners through the sacrifice of His Son. Now thatis something to get excited about!
Have a great weekend. Enjoy the game. And then join us on Sunday morning at Shelby Crossings for a real celebration! I look forward to seeing you there.
–Pastor Ken