Take This Job…and Love It!

Most people spend four to eight years going to school to learn how to do it. Once we are done with learning how to do it, most Americans spend a minimum of 80,000 hours–or 10,000 days–of their lives doing it. If we can’t do enough of it, we risk losing what we have. If we try to do too much of it, we risk losing our health and families. We can starve if we do too little, and we can burn ourselves out if we emphasize it too strongly.

Work.It’s as old as humanity, but it’s still a source of pressure and struggle for most of us. Whether you hold a traditional job in the market place, or if you put in your hours toiling as a stay-at-home mom (or dad), your vocation is no doubt one of the dominant themes of your life. Full-time or part-time, inside or outside the home, for yourself or for somebody else, or even as a volunteer, our work always seems to find its way to the center of our lives.

Work has been a major topic for so many in the Shelby Crossings family over the past year or so. We’ve prayed for several of you who have been seeking new jobs, and have been blessed to see answers to many of those prayers. For others, who work in a corporate world where “downsizing” is the order of the day in our reeling economy, your jobs teeter on the brink of being eliminated at any time. For all of us, there’s the stress of long hours, hard work, and trying to pay the bills with what we bring home. And we haven’t even mentioned having to put up with an ornery boss or a whining co-worker!

I hope you realize that you don’t have to face your employment crisis alone. Your occupation is as important to God as it is to you, though sometimes we’re prone to lose our perspective a bit. God invented work, and He desires that we provide for our families–and honor Him–throughour work. His word speaks volumes on the subject of work and His will for how we approach our vocation. You might even call the Bible…the book of “job.”

I hope you’ll be able to join us for the next four weeks–through Labor Day weekend–as we share a new series of messages about God’s will for our work, entitled Life @ Work. If you have friends who are facing particular job stresses, invite them to be with us. I’m excited to see what God has in store for us as we seek Him on this important subject.

I’m praying for you, as I hope you are for me, and look forward to seeing you Sunday.
–Pastor Ken