Giving Thanks

I hope you don’t mind me using this space this week to share a few personal notes of gratitude. Quite honestly, that’s been the one thing I think I’ve felt the most the past two weeks, even in the darkest moments–gratitude for God’s presence, for the assurance that He is at work, and for the ministry of His body to us on every side. With that…

I wanted to say thank you to all those of who have prayed so diligently for my daughter Rachel, and for our family, during these crazy couple of weeks. Your prayers are being answered. Last week, I wrote of our despair because we had no answers or direction, but by God’s leadership and the help of some dear friends we were able to get the care Rachel needed, and finally after nine days we were able to see some improvement. Rachel has been diagnosed with a rare neurological disease which resulted from a reaction to the yellow fever vaccine, which she had taken the previous week in preparation for her mission trip to Rwanda this summer. She finally has the tremors under control–He is our Healer!–and her walking is getting better. She has a long road ahead, so please continue to pray for her.
We also wanted to say thanks, again, for all your acts of kindness on our behalf. Your visits, calls, texts, messages, and emails–though sometimes overwhelming–were so very much appreciated. We could not have made it through this time without your support and encouragement. This is what the body of Christ was intended to be like. Of course, your generosity was amazing as well, from the meals and flowers and financial gifts, to help with Rachel’s bridal shower–at the hospital!We were so very blessed–and areso blessed to be able to be a part of a family of faith like The Church at Shelby Crossings.
And finally, thanks be to God for His goodness and His faithfulness. The truth is, He is no more good this week than He was last week, even though we are surely feeling the relief that comes from His healing. But we are so thankful to serve a God who loves us more than we could ever know, and who uses times of difficulty to draw us closer to Himself to increase our faith in Him. I would not wish the past two weeks on anyone, but at the same time, when this is all said and done, I will be grateful for seeing God’s touch on our lives in a way we could have never experienced had we not walked through it. He truly is the “God of all comfort.”
To God be the glory. Thanks for your continued prayers for us. I looked forward to seeing each of you this Sunday as we celebrate His goodness together.
–Pastor Ken