Hope and Change

In case you missed the news, there’s an election a few days away. From the non-stop talk of politics on every news and radio program, to the down-and-dirty attack ads, to the campaign phone calls, to the incessant tweets and Facebook posts from those passionate about their candidates, most of us are just ready to get it over with.

But as much as you may be sick of the rhetoric by now–and even sick of the candidates!–it’s still a crucial opportunity for us as citizens to exercise our rights to vote. I hope that you will not miss the privilege, and Christian responsibility, of participating in the elective process of our local, state and national leaders. Make sure that you are informed of the candidates’ positions and values, especially as they relate to the standards set forth by God’s word.
Then, be sure you make your way to the polling place on Tuesday and cast your vote. This is a chance to take a stand for Biblical values and have your say in how decisions are made in Montgomery and Washington. Recent elections have revealed the importance of just a few votes, and many are calling this election the most important of our lifetime. So don’t miss doing your part.
Still, in the larger scheme of things, there’s an even bigger election you have to vote in, one that requires you casting your “ballot” every day. A few years back, a group of local churches pooled their resources to wage their own campaign, to coincide with an election. The slogan was simple: “Elect Jesus Your Savior and Lord!”
There were road signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts and hats, all aimed at using political-type strategies for getting out the message of Jesus Christ. There were no negative ads in the campaign, accusing the opposition of a laundry list of bad things. The strategy was to let the candidate run on Hisrecord. Campaign flyers called Him “the world’s greatest leader,” who has “changed more lives for the good than anyone that ever lived.”
Now, that’s a real-life platform worthy of our consideration, and it doesn’t come from any political party. Only Jesus can provide real hope, and real change, and He’s got the record to prove it.
May the Lord bless our upcoming political election, that His will be done. I hope you’ll be praying for our nation especially during this crucial time in our history. I also hope you’ll make sure to cast your vote for Jesus as the Lord of all your life, and then choose to “elect” Him to have complete control over your life every day. It’s a vote you’ll never regret casting.
I’m praying for you , and I can’t wait to see you Sunday.”
–Pastor Ken