Honk If You Love Jesus!

You can tell a lot about a person by the bumper sticker on his or her car. That’s my conclusion after many years as an avid reader of bumper sticker “literature.”

It seems that more and more people are using their bumpers as billboards for their life philosophies. It might be “Pray the Rosary” or “Visualize World Peace.”Or some form of political expression, like the various versions of the “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Bush”statement.Others make their point with very little ambiguity: “From My Cold Dead Hands”(with a picture of a gun). And of course there’s the simple, yet obligatory in these parts, “Roll Tide.”
Then there are those cars that are covered with bumper stickers, usually with the same sort of theme. I find myself visualizing what the person behind the wheel looks like, based on the message on their bumpers. Often, I’ll speed up to pass just to take a look. Usually, I’m right–they’re very predictable. You can tell a lot about people by their bumper stickers.
I really got to thinking about this recently when I got behind a car with the bumper sticker “Get us out of the U.N.!” Now that may or not be a worthy goal, but that’s not the point of this little diatribe.
My first thought was, “Is that it? Is that this guy’s primary life statement? Given the opportunity to tell the world one life message on the back of his car, was this the best he could come up with?”
What about you? Whether it graces your bumper or not, what does your “life bumper sticker” say? What is the one statement you are communicating to those you come in contact with, whether on the interstate, in your neighborhood, or at your workplace? Think about it, and make sure you don’t miss the opportunities to share your “message” to the world God has placed you in.
I’m praying for you, that your life and words will clearly communicate what’s most important to you, and that will be the difference Jesus Christ makes in your life. I look forward to seeing you Sunday.
–Pastor Ken