Learning from a Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s been barely more than a week since our lastInterMissiongathering, but it’s already exciting to see the movement in our body from those who are ready to move out of their comfort zone to live their lives “on mission” for God. Change is hard, no doubt, but I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do in and through our church as He stretches us in the months ahead.

I wrote in this space last week that waiting on the Lord to lead was the hardest part, when the tendency of leadership would be to try to orchestrate and manufacture things administratively. But that is not what He is directing us to do at all. Instead, we will take it slowly, as the Holy Spirit guides us, understanding that He will put the pieces of the puzzle together just as He intends. We need only to be open to His leading, and ready to follow obediently.
With that in mind, I wanted to share something I received in my email box last week, just about the time we were trying to determine “where do we go from here.” It may be a little on the corny side, but I found it appropriate, and as you seek the Lord for His will for you and your family, I hope you will as well.
Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned from a Jigsaw Puzzle (by Jacquie Sewell)
1. Don’t force a fit–if something is meant to be, it will come together naturally.
2. When things aren’t going so well, take a break. Everything will look different when you return.
3. Be sure to look at the big picture. Getting hung up on the little pieces only leads to frustration.
4. Perseverance pays off. Every important puzzle went together bit by bit, piece by piece.
5. The creator of the puzzle gave you the picture as a guidebook. Refer to the Creator’s guidebook often.
6. Variety is the spice of life. It’s the different colors and patterns that make the puzzle interesting.
7. Working together with friends and family makes any task fun.
8. Establish the border first. Boundaries give a sense of security and order.
9. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations. Some matches are surprising.
10. Anything worth doing takes time and effort. A great puzzle can’t be rushed.
What a privilege it is to be a pastor of such a great church. I’m praying for you, as I trust you are for me, and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
–Pastor Ken