Life Isn’t for Cowards

A few weeks back in my Sunday sermon on family fears, I referenced the book Parenting Isn’t for Cowardsby Dr. James Dobson. For most of us who are parents, that title makes perfect sense, especially when you are “facing your fears” in the modern world.

Dr. Dobson opened one of the chapters of his book with this illustration:
In the days of the wild and woolly West, a lone cowboy went riding through the valley and came unexpectedly upon an Indian lying motionless on the road. His right ear was pressed to the ground, and he was muttering soberly to himself.
“Ummm,” he said. “Stagecoach! Three people inside. Two men, one woman. Four horses. Three dapple gray, one black. Stagecoach moving west. Ummmmmm.”
The cowboy was amazed and said, “That’s incredible, pardner! You can tell all that just by listening to the ground?” The Indian replied, “Ummmmm. No! Stagecoach run over me thirty minutes ago!”
Dr. Dobson said that story reminded him of what mothers face trying to raise more than one rambunctious preschooler simultaneously. Many of you can probably identify. Perhaps you, like the Indian in the story, have found yourself lying flat on the floor muttering, “Mmmmm. Three kids. Dirty hands. Wet diapers. Mud on feet. Tearing through the house. Making me crazy! Help!”
But you don’t have to be a parent to sometimes feel like you’ve been run over by a stagecoach. Sometimes that’s just the way life is. We’ve got more pressures and stressors packed into our days than any generation in history, and most of us feel overwhelmed by it all every so often. And by the time you put your ear to the ground, it’s too late. You’ve already been run over.
Dr. Dobson could very well have written a book entitled “Life Isn’t for Cowards.” For it isn’t. Especially if you want to life your life for Jesus. It’s hard sometimes, just as Jesus Himself said it would be. But take heart, for our Lord promised us that we can overcome even the most distressing of circumstances if we’ll only trust in Him and not give up. I hope you’ll do just that this week.
So, look out for those stagecoaches, and preschoolers, and whatever else that comes your way trying to run you over. And don’t give up. God knows where you are, and He’s not finished with you yet!
May He bless you richly this week as you serve Him.
–Pastor Ken