Hope…and Change

One of my favorite Peanuts comic strips has Charlie Brown, with one of those quizzical looks on his face, saying: “Change wouldn’t be so bad if things didn’t have to be different.”

I share that thought as we are about to turn the page of change to a new chapter in the life of our church. Our worship pastor Robert Hope will be leaving us following this Sunday’s worship service. Robert has faithfully served the Lord at Shelby Crossings for the the past four years, since September, 2011.

We have been so blessed by Robert’s leadership and his example, both in our worship as well as in the overall ministry of our church. God has so used his passion for worship, his hard work and dependability, his spiritual maturity and wisdom, and his servant’s heart, to encourage us all to a deeper commitment to the Lord. He has been there early, and stayed late. He has done the behind-the-scenes work, as well as the on-the-stage ministry. And, he has shown us what it means to obediently follow the Lord’s leadership, even when it is unconventional and out of the box. We will surely miss him and Holly and the kids.

But as wise old Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes, there is a time for everything, and it appears that this is the time, for the Hopes as well as for Shelby Crossings, for a change. That means some things will be different and many things uncomfortable. But God has a way of using the uncomfortable to bring about His will in our lives.

I am reminded that the same God who led Robert to us already has someone planned for us as our new worship pastor, and I am excited about what the future holds. The Lord is still in charge, and He can be trusted. We may be without Robert’s leadership, but we will not be without hope, even in the midst of change. With that in mind, I ask that you pray for our church, and our upcoming worship pastor search team as we seek God’s will in this time of transition.

Likewise, I am excited to see how the Lord is going to continue to lead in Robert and Holly’s life as they take this step of faith, and obedience, in their move to the “land down under.” I encourage you to pray for them during this time of change in their lives, and I hope you’ll also let them know how much you’ve appreciated their ministry.

We’ll have an opportunity to do just that this Sunday, both morning and night, as we gather together to worship our Lord. I do hope you can be with us for a special night of worship on Sunday evening (see below), and a reception that will follow to honor the Hopes.
I am praying for you, as I hope you are for me, and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
–Pastor Ken