The Solid Rock

I didn’t watch the presidential debate on Tuesday night. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I did tune in to Twitter to read everyone else’s takes as they watched it. And the more I read, the more I was glad I didn’t watch.

I have since read many of the expert analyses of the debate debacle, and quite frankly, nothing really happened that we didn’t expect. Though dedicated followers of both candidates seemed to claim their man won the debate, from all indications there really wasn’t a winner. And when it was over, it felt to most people that we all lost. The question I keep hearing repeated over and over is, of 330 million people in our nation, are these two the best we could do?

But I am not here to talk politics. On the contrary, I would like to invite you to move away from the politics that seem to have invaded every facet of our lives. Really, the debate was a mirror of our current society, how we react to one another online, the culture of polarization and pettiness. And that mirror reveals that some things desperately need changing.

I’ll share a couple of tweets that seemed to capture the night for me. The first, from a pastor in Florida named Tom Ascol: “If there was any doubt that our nation is under divine judgment, this ‘debate’ should go a long way to remove it.” I agree completely.

The other, which was a little more comforting, came from Gospel Coalition editor Matt Smethurst: “If God’s plan for the universe depended on America, we would have every reason to panic. But thankfully, His plan no more depends on America than it did on the Holy Roman Empire. The gates of hell may one day prevail against our nation; they will never prevail against His church.” That’s true; it’s a promise from Jesus Himself.

As for me, I do not find my hope in any political party or candidate. Those on the right and the left–and even those in the middle–have continuously let us down over the years, offering empty promises, and in the end showing more concern for furthering their political careers than looking out for their constituents. We have every reason to be cynical about politics and politicians; but we have every reason to be hopeful as we trust in the Lord.

The hymn writer Edward Mote said it so well:
My hope is built on nothing else

Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

I dare not trust the sweetest frame,

But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

On Christ the solid rock, I stand,

All other ground is sinking sand,

All other ground is sinking sand.

I hope you are standing securely on Christ the Solid Rock today. He is trustworthy, faithful, dependable…and rock solid. And just in case you may have forgotten, He is still on the throne. I am praying for you, as I hope you are for me, and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

–Pastor Ken