About Us

We are first Christians, second Evangelical, and third Baptist. As Christians, we distinguish ourselves from other world religions. As Evangelicals, we are in agreement with other Protestants in the core beliefs of the Christian faith. These are beliefs that we hold (See our Statement of Faith). In a nutshell, God created the universe, we sinned, and God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem our sins through his death and resurrection.

Lastly, we are Baptist especially in the way we practice Baptism and Communion. We believe both are reserved for those who trust in Jesus for their salvation. We baptize those who have professed faith in Jesus Christ through immersion. If you come from a different tradition or background and you’ve received believer’s baptism, we respect that and do not believe you need a second baptism experience.  We are also Baptist in partnership with other ministries. We were planted by a Baptist church (The Church at Brookhills), cooperate with the Birmingham Baptist Association.