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TCASC and the Coronavirus Pandemic

The leadership of The Church at Shelby Crossings has tried to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic over the past few years seeking to be careful and cautious, but also faithful.  We have had a few times of shutdown, and many of our ministries were not able to meet for several months. We tried to “love our neighbor” with every decision that was made, even as we opened things back up slowly and incrementally, and have sought to protect our members and attenders from any unnecessary exposure to the coronavirus.

The Lord has protected our church body so far,  in that we have no known cases that were spread from our church.  We have had dozens of church members who have tested positive during the time of the pandemic, but none have been hospitalized. For now, we are back to a full schedule of ministries and activities

For our current protocols, we do not require proof of vaccination or masks to participate in our services or ministries. We do ask, quite obviously, if you are experiencing symptoms of illness, or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, that you refrain from attending gatherings of our church body. 

Through it all, we pray the Lord’s mercy on our church, our community and our nation, and we pray that He will use this time of pandemic to increase our faith and draw us back to Himself