Serve Others

Our church currently partners with missionaries and ministries from as close as our own community to as far away as India and Swaziland. We support ministries ranging from orphan care in Haiti to church planting efforts in Cuba and Uganda, as well as local ministries that provide for the homeless and those in crisis pregnancies.

We have committed not only our financial support but also our prayers for these ministries. In an effort to keep you informed about how you can pray for our extended family of missionaries around the world, our Shelby Crossings Missions Team will be featuring one of these ministries each month in the ePistle in 2012. Below is a cumulative list of several of the ministries we currently partner with. Thanks for your faithful financial support of our church that allows us to support these missionaries, and thanks for your prayers, interceding on their behalf.

  • Global Orphan Project, orphanage in Mole St. Nichol, Haiti
  • Old Firehouse Shelter, homeless shelter, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Doulos Partners, church planting in Cuba, India and Africa
  • John and Minori Lucas, South American Missions, Pucallpa, Peru
  • Jeremy and Sylvia Franks, L’Arcada Mission, Girona, Spain
  • Steve and Amy McAdams, Adventures in Missions, Swaziland, Africa
  • Mark and Allison Clyburn, Adventures in Missions, Swaziland, Africa
  • Reaching Indians Ministries International (RIMI), India
  • Pregnancy Resource Center, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Name Withheld, International Mission Board, Paris, France
  • Bill & Becky Rowley, Believer’s Bridge, Peru