Serve Your Community

We believe serving others is an essential aspect of the Christian life. There are many ways to serve the church. Ask God to guide you to the ministry where you can serve best. If you try something new and it is not a fit, we will work with you to find God’s design for you. Our desire is to help you discover your gifts, passions and talents and equip you to use them in the church, community and world.

Missions is a lifestyle rather than a one-time event. We seek to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ in our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and community. We know that we will be a great church only by seeking to create a great community. That is why Jeremiah 29:5-8 tells us to “seek the good of the city.”

Missional is a buzzword that can mean various things depending on your background. For our church, it esentially means we are sent. We believe this video captures what we strive for at Shelby Crossings.