Firehouse Shelter

Serve at the Old Firehouse Shelter

Looking for an opportunity to serve the Lord by serving others?  You’re invited to join us  prepare dinner at The Old Firehouse Shelter in downtown Birmingham. If you are interested in serving, please contact us @

When Do We Serve Meals?

For Dinner Meals, meet at the Home Depot in Pelham @ 5:15 to carpool or meet at the shelter @ 6:00pm. Please contact Mike Herrera at if you would like to serve at one of the upcoming projects.

Night Shelter

The Old Firehouse Shelter provides 50 beds for overnight guests. When severe weather occurs, the shelter can host as many as 200 people. In addition to beds and protection from the elements, laundry services and showers are available.


Every evening, between 50 and 60 men receive a free dinner. These men are also served breakfast the following day. At lunchtime, the Old Firehouse Shelter opens its doors to anyone in need of a meal. As many as 200 men, women and children receive free lunches from the shelter every day.

Day Shelter

The Old Firehouse Shelter operates seven days a week. The shelter offers life-changing programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, as well as Bible studies, courses on basic life skills, and cultural field trips. Recent cultural field trips have included visits to local museums, libraries, the Botanical Gardens, and the Birmingham Zoo.

Transitional Housing Unit

The Old Firehouse Shelter’s Housing Unit currently has capacity for 29 full-time residents. Residents must be employed (or have other sustained income) and are required to pay their own rent.

Case Manager

Case Managers interview all new guests, consult with them on personal issues, and can refer guests to other services as needed.


The Old Firehouse Shelter interfaces with other services in the area, such as The Salvation Army, recovery houses, employment agencies, hospitals and dental services.

How Does TCASC Support the Firehouse?

  • Volunteers from Shelby Crossings gather to cook dinners at the Old Firehouse Shelter on selected dates. Teams from Shelby Crossings also provide lunches on certain days.
  • Financial donations from Shelby Crossings’ members can buy staples such as milk, eggs, cooking oil, butter, sugar, etc.  Unlike many food items, these are not donated by USDA or local groceries. Your donation will help us supply this!
  • Clothing donations are also welcome — especially outside work clothing such as blue jeans, clean t-shirts, etc.
  • Prayer! These men come from all walks of life, and many are dealing with the loss of their jobs, homes, and families. Others are battling substance abuse. All of them are in need of our constant prayers.