VBS 2020

Welcome to the Great Expedition!

This year, VBS is leaving the building! We’re excited to take all our VBS fun into the community. VBS has traditionally been on the church campus, but we have the amazing opportunity to take it into our neighborhoods, our homes, our parks and other areas of our communities.

How will we do that? With your help! We are looking for people who will provide a host home/yard. We are looking for people to join a team to help facilitate a VBS location. We are looking for people to help with supplies. We are looking for people to help put together our VBS kits, craft kits and more. Most importantly, we are looking for people to pray.


What is a host home?

A host home is simply a place where VBS can take place. It can be in your front yard, in your back yard, in your living room, at your neighborhood community area or clubhouse, or even at a local park. Being a host home is you providing a location.

What’s included in the VBS kit?

A VBS kit will include everything you need to create a VBS experience. We will provide videos for each day that will include the rally (Welcome, music and intro), the lesson, a missions lesson, a craft demo and a game demo. Also included will be the craft supplies, game supplies and snacks for each day. We will provide signs and flyers to promote VBS for the location. We’ll provide instructions for each day so facilitating a VBS will be as simple as 1-2-3.

What is a VBS team?

A VBS team is a group of people who will work together to facilitate a VBS. The team will go to a host home location and use the VBS kit to create a VBS experience. The team will help with the lesson, the crafts and the games. Most importantly, the team will connect with the families who attend VBS and show them the love of Christ.

Can I host VBS for just my own family?

Absolutely! If you would like to host your own family VBS, please fill out the sign up form and choose that option. We’ll provide a VBS kit for you to use.

What if I don’t have neighbors?

No neighbors? No problem. You can join a VBS team and help at any location you like. You can also bring your children to any VBS location.

How do I volunteer/get connected with a VBS team?

You can sign up to volunteer/get connected with a VBS team at https://shelbycrossings.breezechms.com/form/20648c or fill out the form below.

Does VBS have to take place in the morning?

No, VBS can happen at any time your team and host home decide. Do you work during the day? We will have VBS experiences taking place in the evening so you can join a team and get involved.

Does VBS have to take place the week of July 20-24?

No, VBS can happen any time that fits for you. VBS is kicking off on July 20, but you can have it any week after that that fits with your schedule.

In what other ways can I help?

First, we always need people who will pray for the host homes, teams and kids. Secondly, we will have times to help put together the VBS kits, along with the craft, game and snack kits. You can donate supplies. Look for a poster in building B when you come for worship. If you aren’t attending worship in person right now, you can contact Katie Thrash.

Where do I sign up to donate supplies?

You can sign up to donate supplies here!

Sign up below to join the fun!